Sanctum 1v40cQ Bug Patch

EDIT 1/5/2012: I’ve added a couple of additional (and minor) bugfixes, and updated the patch to release 4.0c. This should be the last patch to version 4.0 before the release of v4.1.

EDIT 1/4/2012: I’ve added one more bugfix (see 1st comment for details) and updated the patch to level v40b.

I’ve uploaded an updated patch hak (to version 4.0a) for the recent Sanctum v40 release. It fixes two bugs that I found, in completing the “Beastmen in Exile” and “Earthen Road” quests. You can find it at the following link — just download and unzip the file, and use it to replace the existing SanctumPatchV4Q.hak file in your hak directory:

Sanctum 1 v4.0c Patch Hak

I’m also working on a module update to version 4.1, which should be out by tomorrow. It fixes these bugs and a few other very minor issues, and adds a couple of new features (mostly related to some new and improved items available in the treasure system).

SPOILER ALERT: See the first comment for details about the issues fixed by the patch.

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  1. SPOILER ALERT: Here are the details about the bugs fixed by the v4.0 patches.

    The “Beastmen in Exile” bug should have shown up if the player was also stung by the Soul-Drinker. The stinger is deleted on using the third charge and this messes up completion of the Beastman King’s quest — resulting both in a broken dialog link, and in repeatedly getting quest experience as a result. The patch fixes this completely.

    The “Earthen Road” bug showed up if you spoke to the Earthen Guard but failed to persuade him to give you more details. He tells you to speak with Commander Merin about it, but you can’t raise the subject with him unless you’ve persuaded the guard. The patch fixes that and some dialogue repetition issues, and enables several parts of the quest conversation that were incorrectly not showing up at all in v4.0.

    1/4/12: The additional patch (v40b) fixed some incorrect dialogue that could appear in the “Earthen Girl” and “Earthen Road” quests.

    1/5/12: Patch v40c fixed a problem with A’Lindra’s relationship counter not incrementing correctly under certain circumstances, and with the Archetype Gallery journal entry not reaching quest completion status. It also made sure gems would not work on Len’s Ring and corrected the estimated release information for Sanctum 2v4 in the final conversation.

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