The Miracle Worker

Warning: Spoilers are contained below for anyone who has not played The Sight and The Quest.

In The Quest, you and your companions finally made your way through to Mount Cassandra. The resistance is under heavy attack, and thanks to intelligence provided by the traitorous Duke Karrik, it is being decimated by Zomoran’s army. Also thanks to the Duke’s treachery, the Warlord now controls the strategically important Stonegate Keep, and is moving to extend his empire to include the neighboring Kingdom of Rayche.

In the rebellion’s most desperate hour, the princess turned to you and your Sight for guidance. And together, you conceived a bold plan to defeat the Magus, the only one that your talent tells you can succeed: to forge an alliance among the nations of the eastern continent, and lead them in an apocalyptic war against the Warlord and his demon allies.

In The Miracle Worker, you will need to recruit allies to defend against the impending demon attack — starting with King Harold of Rayche. The Warlord’s offensive has thrown his land into chaos, and the Raychians are trying to marshal their remaining forces at the mouth of Stonegate Pass. You know that the attack on the pass is a ruse, and must convince King Harold to bring his army to defend the Warlord’s true target: the resistance capital of Mount Cassandra. But spies and intrigue bedevil your efforts, and there is a traitor in Rayche working to thwart your efforts.

Sanctum of the Archmage: The Miracle Worker was under development in the Neverwinter Nights game engine, but work on the module was suspended indefinitely in 2014. As of November 2021 it is in active development again, targeted for the new Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition. It will be developed as a pair of modules: Chapter 3: Mission to Rayche, and Chapter 4: Treason.

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