Update History

Sanctum 1: The Sight

  • v1.0 : Initial Release (July 2006).
  • v1.1 – v1.4: Playability upgrades (July 2006). Includes new journal entries, combat balance enhancements, and other elements.
  • v1.5 : Version 1 stable release (August 2006). Updates to module flow, music, crafting, and other elements.
  • v2.0 : First major version upgrade (November 2006). Updated to use the new CEP v2.0; added new content and encounters, and features for custom items, including visible cloaks and offhand wielded rods and wands; changed module flow and combat balance to improve playability; added dialogue, journal entries, and other elements.
  • v2.1 : Playability upgrade (January 2007).
  • v2.1M : Released module version to support Robin as a male character (February 2007).
  • v2.2 : Playability upgrade (May 2007).

Sanctum 2: The Miracle Worker, Act I (The Quest)

  • v1.0 : Initial Release (September 2007).
  • v1.1 – v1.3: Playability upgrades (October-December 2007).
  • v1.4 : Added new flying scenes between Mount Cassandra and arrival in Rayche (January 2008).

Merged Updates: Sanctum 1 & 2

  • v3.0 : Second major version upgrade (April 2008). Merged male and female Robin versions of Sanctum 1 into a single module supporting both options. Added hard and easy combat options. Built and re-built areas, many to use new SF tilesets, and restructured the module flow to match. Added new “Holotheater” scenes, substantial new dialogue, new puzzles, use of crawling phenotype, and other elements.
  • v3.1 : Patch 1.69 and CEP 2.1 compatibility release (August 2008). See online release notes for details.
  • v3.2 : Third major version upgrade (September 2009). CEP 2.2 compatibility, plus extensive new features. See online release notes for details.
  • v3.3 : Minor playability and music upgrades (January 2010). See online release notes for details.
  • v3.4 : Revision of module to support NWNCQ, and additional new features (August 2010). See online release notes for details.
  • v4.0 : Complete remake of the Chapter 1 to support Project Q integration and other new content and features: December 2012 (v4.1: January 2013).
  • v4.2 : Update to Chapter 1 and complete remake of Chapter 2 to support Project Q integration and other new content and features.
  • v5.0 : Substantial update with new features to both chapters, and to support Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.

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