Wrath of the Peregrine King

As Carlissa falls and the Warlord threatens all of the Eastern Continent, the leaders of nation after nation, fearing conquest by his infernal army, sue for treaties of peace. Only one leader stands alone to defy the Horde: Tarnas Acheron, the Peregrine King of Mount Cassandra. Consumed by wrath over the murder of his daughter and her family, the lord of the mountain elves has sworn vengeance against the Black Magus and his demons.

But can he survive their attack when even his wife, Queen Talina of Elde, fears to stand at his side? And will Robin and the resistance remain in the shadows while the Peregrine King fights a lone war against the Dark in their name? Or will they risk a final defeat by coming out of hiding to join his cause?

The sequel to Dawn of Chaos, Wrath of the Peregrine King will be the first book in Crucible of Heroes, the second volume in the Sanctum of the Archmage Saga.

Wrath of the Peregrine King is planned for release in the Fall of 2021.