Work on the Game Modules is Suspended Indefinitely

Dale just asked (on my 2011 post of the opening scene) whether there was any news on Sanctum 3. Since my comments on the status of the game modules is probably somewhat scattered throughout my blog over the last couple of years, I thought I should probably clarify the situation here. I added the following about this last year on the main modules page:

*As of summer 2013, further work on the game modules has been suspended until further notice, in order to work on completing and releasing the initial Sanctum of the Archmage novels. This includes the unfinished v4.2 update of Chapter 1 and remake of Chapter 2, as well as completion of Chapter 3 and work on Chapters 4-7.

Since there’s not a great deal of work left to do on the Sanctum 2 v4.2 remake, I do expect to be able to release it early next year. That will probably be just after I publish the first of the Sanctum novels, Dawn of Chaos.

At this point, however, I’m afraid I have to admit that it’s not clear to me when or even if I’ll be able to complete Sanctum 3 (much less the rest of the series), in module form. I very much want to do it, and if it were my only project I’m confident that I would be able to. Unfortunately, though, it’s not. As I wrote in the post when I announced that I was resuming work on the novels,

I’ve also had to take a hard look at my somewhat ambitious plans for the module series, given a realistic assessment of my other goals and the amount of time I actually have to work on it. My “real life” career as a computer scientist demands most of my time and attention, and I have plans for developing it further that will require additional focus on learning certain new technologies. Both writing and modding are things that I can only afford to do in my (unfortunately, not especially plentiful) spare time — which I need to be more hard-nosed about rationing. Some reflection has consequently forced me to the conclusion that while I’m not quite ready to give up on Sanctum as a modding project just yet, that I need to make more time in my schedule for other efforts as well.

I haven’t yet cancelled work on the modules. They remain in my mind as projects that I want to find time to get back to, when and if I can. At this point in my life, however, I simply have no choice but to put other priorities ahead of them. And at the present time, those have to be the demands of my career (and of striving to remain employable in today’s dysfunctional economy), and publishing Sanctum of the Archmage as a series of novels.

5 thoughts on “Work on the Game Modules is Suspended Indefinitely

  1. Well…argh! But, I’m sure we all understand (I’m trying, I’m…really…trying! *cheeky grin*). However selfish I want to be about this (because I have been waiting for years!), things change and, unfortunately, as adults we have to set our priorities (right? I mean, we are adults, right?). So, I’ll wish you all the best, see about getting the prologue, and then keep my eyes and ears open for any new releases from you – whether game updating or books to read.

    Take care!

  2. It’s been a while since I visit this site as I’ve been kept busy by work. But I have kind of expected the suspension of the modules for a while now. I will say that it gives me a little pang to hear it, but I understand completely. More than that, I would like to thank you for putting a lot of resources into and sharing your modules with me and fans out there. The modules have given me hours on hours of entertainment and I have you to thank for that.

    Also, having fallen in love with the series, I will continue to follow it through buying your novels, and I’m glad that I will be able to somewhat compensate your efforts put into the series with more than just my comments and good wishes.

    But please, please get those novels rolling soon! I miss Robin and Orion already! 😉

  3. Eva, Aderyn, thanks for your support and understanding. It was a difficult decision, and it’s not one that I would have made if there were a realistic way of doing all three without compromising my career in the process. Perhaps I’ll be able to come back to it at some time in the future. And there’s always the dream of what might come if the books do well enough… 🙂

    As for rolling on the novels: I’m on it. I just finished Chapter 3, scene 2 of The End of the Beginning. I’m expecting six (long) chapters, so that puts me nearly halfway through. I’m still pushing myself (fingers crossed) to try for an August release.

  4. Good luck on all of your endeavors. I just finished the Sanctum prequel and rather enjoyed it. I hope to hear more from you soon, in both the gaming and writing community.


    P.s. Don’t worry about the rest of life getting in the way we’ve all been there.

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