A Kingdom Usurped

Three years ago, the throne of Carlissa was usurped and the kingdom overrun by the Warlord Zomoran, also known as the Black Magus. The stories told by travelers and refugees were all the same: that the Warlord somehow managed to summon an army of demons willing to serve him, and launched a surprise attack on the capitol city of Lannamon. King Danor and the entire royal family were brutally slaughtered, and Zomoran took the throne for himself.

Instead of joining together to overthrow the usurper and destroy the demon threat, the other nations of the eastern continent resolved to make peace with the Warlord. Lulled by reassurances that he had no designs on expanding his kingdom, and afraid of standing against his demon army, each of them reluctantly made terms and treaties with the new ruler of Carlissa. Some voices were raised in warning that the Magus could not be trusted, and that an army of demons could not be expected to remain a peaceful neighbor, but few heeded them.

Lacking a strong leader who could unite the other nations against the Warlord, the lands settled into a watchful detente. In Carlissa, Zomoran worked to solidify his iron grip on the kingdom, while a small but determined resistance formed to oppose his brutal regime. Bands of demons roamed the countryside at will, spreading terror and death, hunting the resistance and their leaders. And the Magus’ army prepared for the day when it would march forth again, this time to conquer not just a kingdom, but an empire.

Sanctum of the Archmage is the story of heroes who fought to bring peace and freedom once again to the Kingdom of Carlissa, and their epic struggle to unite their world in a crusade to defeat the Warlord and his infernal allies. Coming from many different lands and backgrounds, they all had one thing in common: an uncompromising refusal to submit to evil. And as they soon learned, their struggle was only one part of a wider conflict, of a cosmic war between good and evil that had been going on for thousands of years.

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