Randia in Adobe Fuse

Here’s the face of a model I created in Adobe Fuse for Randia Killraven (aka Robin Blackwing), the protagonist of the Sanctum saga. It’s pretty close to how I pictured her. Not a bad piece of software!

I recently started a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, and have been working slowly to build up the Photoshop skills I’ll need to support my publishing work. To my delight and astonishment, I discovered that CC includes a “beta version” of something called Adobe Fuse, and that Photoshop has a whole set of really awesome features for including and rendering 3D models and content.

I can’t draw, but do I have a decade and a half of experience in laying out 3D scenes. That got me to thinking about what I could do with tools like this, such as developing character portraits. I’m going to include this one the re-release of the e-book as an illustration. Maybe I could do a few of the other characters while I’m at it…

Fuse will also generate riggable models that can be brought into Photoshop and animated with its (pretty awesome) 3D tools, so I might be able to use it to actually prototype or even generate scenes for illustration. Stay tuned for the results of some experiments!

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  1. Hi! It’s been a long time since I have checked this blog. I’m glad to see it’s still on-going! This was one of my favourite stories ever since NWN days. I hope I get to see it in its completion one day!

    Also, might I also recommend you check out ‘choice of games’? I think it will be a great platform for this story as well 🙂 It is a interactive role playing game platform that uses only text and sometimes pictures (not required at all), and I think it will be something like the NWN mods, only in words!

    Nevertheless, I look forward to this story in any way, shape or form! 😀

    1. Hi, Aderyn! It’s great to hear from you again after so long! It’s been years since I’ve seen any comments on the blog, and it’s good to know that I haven’t been forgotten. 🙂

      The saga will definitely be coming out in novel format again, starting very soon. I’ve had some ongoing delays in making progress on that, and in getting time to write, mostly due to the demands of my day job and all the craziness that’s been going on this last year. The re-write of my first three books is just about ready to go out again, as soon as I can find someone to do the cover art for the last two. After that I’m hoping I can settle into a steady routine of writing and publishing the rest of the series (for which I’ve got about a dozen volumes planned).

      Thanks for the suggestion about the “Choice of Games” system! It looks very interesting, and I’ll definitely check it out when I have time. I like particularly like what they said on their “about” page regarding how text is underutilized in favor of graphics in modern gaming, which I strongly agree with. It has some things in common with some serious game work I’ve actually been able to do in non-linear dialogue development in my day job recently, so I’ve had some opportunity to get experience with these kinds of systems.

      I’m just about to put the rewrite of Prologue to Chaos out for my beta readers, so if you (or any of my other old players) would be interested in a copy, let me know!

      Cheers — Andarian

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