Game Videos

Scenes from Sanctum of the Archmage Chapters 1: The Sight, and 2: The Quest

The videos below are recorded play scenes from the Sanctum of the Archmage game modules, built in the Neverwinter Nights toolset. Some of them may contain spoilers for the Sanctum Saga and its story, so be warned!

The Sanctum modules are highly story-based games that emphasize plot, world building, dialogue, and character interaction. In addition to being teasers for the saga, these scenes are intended to highlight my skills as a writer, storyteller, and role-playing game designer.

Chapter 1: The Sight – The Picnic
The player and a friend go for a picnic swim in the Hidden Valley.
Chapter 1: The Sight – The Escape
The player and his companion escape from a demon
attack into a labyrinth of underground passages.
Chapter 1: The Sight – Delay the Hellmen Quest
The player stalls an enemy army until an ally can mobilize his forces,
and helps a companion to save the soul of her lover.
Chapter 1: The Sight – March of the Guardians
The dramatic conclusion of the Delay the Hellmen Quest.
Chapter 1: The Sight – After the Battle
The player and his companion talk about their
climactic battle with the Hellman army.
Chapter 2: The Quest – Getting to Know You
The player and his companion have a long talk during their
journey through the underground passages.

Page 2 features scenes from Sanctum of the Archmage 3: The Miracle Worker – Mission to Rayche, currently in development for Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition.