Sanctum v4 Update Coming Soon!

My schedule’s been very hectic this year, for example with work for the AME and preparing for a big job move. In keeping with a desire to keep my blog more up to date, though, I wanted to announce that I’ve started work on a major update to Sanctum 1 and 2, to add a number of features to them that I’ve been developing for Sanctum 3. I’m hoping to get that out in the fall, and it will include (among other things):

  • Updating all the modules for Project Q compatibility, and to use new content from it
  • Adding a number of new tracks from Sanctum 3’s expanded musical score
  • Rebuilding the flying areas in Sanctum 2 using Estelindis’ fabulous Sanctum Flying Skyscape Tileset
  • Updating the first two chapters to use much more of, and be much more consistent with, the original lore from the Sanctum novels (including some new custom races)
  • Creating many more custom items, and a “randomization” system for them that will mix up which items are found, when, and where

and many more things besides.

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